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The story of the Hotel Aalborg, Aalborg Seaman and sailor home

Hotel Aalborg is the old seamen's home in new clothes. The hotel has in recent years undergone a major renovation and the milieu has developed positively in recent years.

Hotel Aalborg is driven by fund Aalborg Seamen's Home, which is a foundation whose main purpose is to provide support to humanitarian and social welfare work - especially for mariners and others in the maritime environment. The hotel's profits go therefore be donated to social welfare work.

Welfare work called Seaman Aalborg and conducted in close cooperation with the Port of Aalborg, Seamens and Seamen's Mission in Denmark. The fund linked to the Danish National Church and all activities are based on Christian values.

Economic support

Just as we depend on volunteers, we are also very dependent on our sponsors' financial support. It is the foundation, in order to provide a good daily service to Aalborg harbor. Thanks to all our sponsors.

Seaman Aalborg's main sponsors are:
  • Port of Aalborg A / S
  • Seamens
  • Hotel Aalborg

Other sponsors:
  • Lauritzen Fonden
  • Ramboll Denmark A / S
  • Wrist Ship Supply
  • alfa Laval
  • Danish Marine insurance G / S
  • The law firm Hjulmand and Kaptain
  • Nørresundby Bank A / S
  • Spar Nord Bank A / S
  • Aalborg Marine Association
  • TL Byg A / S
  • Ship Cargo Ltd.
  • Christian IV Guild

Support our sponsors - they support us.

There is a need for more contributions for the work to be developed and continue. Are you able to support the work, please contact Bo Kikkenborg on telephone +45 42 44 19 00 or by e-mail